It is no secret that colleges prefer to accept well rounded applicants- it is not enough to just get good grades if you want to get into a competitive college.  Most students know the importance of being involved in extracurricular activities during the school year and are active in a number of clubs and/or sports, but so many take the summer off.

This is a HUGE mistake!

Summer should be no different than the school year, but it may be a little more difficult to get involved. You will not have the daily reminder and announcements of club meetings before and after school, there will be no open house or bulletin boards to walk by every day; you will need to seek out opportunities to get involved.  Check with your local community center, church, retirement home, food pantry or library.  Most will be looking for volunteers.  Even if you can only dedicate a couple hours each week, by the end of the summer you will have a valuable line item for college and scholarship applications.  Plus, you never know, you may find a new area of interest that could turn into a career path.

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