Attention high school juniors!  Want to know the single most important thing you should do BEFORE you start your summer vacation?

Ask your favorite teachers for letters of recommendation that you can use for college and scholarship applications. In the fall, teachers will be bombarded with requests from students. Asking for recommendations now will increase the likelihood that the teachers of your choice will not only write the letters for you, but that they will be able to take the time to write you a well thought out and carefully worded letter.

Has your school already let out for the summer? Don’t worry!  Most teachers will be available a couple weeks after classes end with grading and closing up their classrooms for the summer.  Call the administration office at your school and ask to make an appointment with your teachers of choice.

When asking for a letter of recommendation, be sure to provide each teacher with a copy of your academic and extracurricular activities.  This can simply be a bulleted list or put into a formal resume format.  Be sure to include all honors and awards you’ve won, volunteer and leadership positions held, and work history (if available).  Giving the teacher this information will allow them to make your letter more personal.

Once you finalize your list of colleges where you will apply in the fall, you will need to follow up with each teacher- providing instructions on how, when and where to send each letter.

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