Appealing a financial aid award is a common practice but has its challenges. Many parents need more aid than ever, and college endowments have yet to gain back their losses. Some colleges will respond to your request to review your student’s award letter. Reasons why they should do so: your finances have changed; you had unreimbursed employee business expenses, unusually high medical expenses, or your student was offered a much better offer at another college that is very similar to the one he or she really wants to go to.

However, if you ask for more money without documentation of your problems or other award offers, it is doubtful that the school will see it’s way clear to offering your student more money. In fact, when you ask for money and don’t get it, 90% of parents end up sending their student to that college anyway. And financial aid directors know this.

Even if the odds appear to be against you, if you feel that you honestly deserve more help, then ask. The worst thing that can happen is they say no.

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